October 3, 2017

Tame LEGO & Toys With Ingenious Swoop Bags

LEGO has become its own entity in our home. It. Is. Everywhere. If you're lucky enough to have kids who are adept at keeping every little brick organized by size, color and creation in a cubby storage system, good for you.... but our house looks more like a giant LEGO monster stomps through it constantly as large chunks of him fall off each second in every area of our home. Otherwise known as having two LEGO fanatic kids. I've tried in vain to come up with a storage/clean-up system for this treasured toy –– until now –– when I can officially declare that Swoop Bags are the best addition to the toy room since LEGO. Read on to learn why...


Swoop Bags are an ingenious invention and brainchild of the brilliant women in owner Sarah Kirk's lineage. Click here to see the original handmade toy storage bag Sarah's grandmother made her brother back in 1978. Following suit, years later Sarah's mom made her boys the same type of bag and admirers began to covet it and want one of their own. In true "necessity is the mother of invention" fashion, Sarah used her sensibilities as both a graphic designer and mom of LEGO lovers to invent the Swoop Bag. The rest is history.

A toy bag + playmat in one, Swoop Bags are made in the USA (in Seattle) of water-resistant, durable nylon/poly material and they're machine washable. I LOVE that they are designed to last a lifetime and be handed down for generations and that they are aesthetically pleasing to boot. The Bags easily open flat into a playmat for playtime and then the durable drawstring cord laced through the upper edge of the Bag cinches shut to keep contents enclosed, neatly put away, and off the floor –– let's all let out a collective sigh!

Note the baby above playing with an array of toys. Isn't it an amazing feat that if you need to go to grandma's or on a playdate you can tell your little one you're "swooping" up all their toys to tote along to the next destination? Ideal for use both at home and on-the-go!

Swoop Bags come in Large & Mini sizes. The large bag is 44″ wide when opened with a 6" edge piece and the Mini is 16″ wide when opened, also with a 6″ edge piece. They're available in an array of pleasing colors from subtle to bold (Seattle Gray to Hot Pink and every hue in between) so they'll fit in with any range of decor or taste. Beyond toys, I can picture the Mini Swoop Bag being an ideal beach bag companion to store snacks and sunblock too.

Another huge plus: a percentage of every Swoop Bag sale benefits Operation Smile.

Swoop Bags receive my highest recommendation. You simply can't go wrong investing in quality, easily portable toy storage that will be around for your kid's kids to use. And once the toy stage is over for your bubs, you'll no doubt find additional uses for a Swoop Bag in your home.

So go support this epic small, mom-owned business and give your feet and floors a break by swooping up a Swoop Bag of your own! Shop here.

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