April 7, 2007

I Don't Want to Hear This Secret

Am I the only one who isn't going to hop on "The Secret" bandwagon? I finally got around to watching the DVD last night, and the conflicting images and messages are downright deceptive. An uncomfortably large part of The Secret is geared toward capital and material gain. The video even goes so far as to depict a young boy cutting out a picture of a shiny red bike, meditating on how badly he wants it, and then Poof! it's delivered to his doorstep one morning.

I am all for the law of attraction, like equals like, vibrational frequencies, positive energy, etc. The Secret intertwines millionaires boasting about their $4.5 million dollar homes with images of Mother Teresa above voice over that she will attend a pro-peace rally, but not an anti-war rally, so the focus is not on something negative.

When's the last time you read about Jesus, or Gandhi or Buddha sitting around and meditating and directing energy toward acquiring a new yacht or a hot date or more money?

The Secret is convoluted with America's notion that success equals wealth. No spiritual guru quoted in The Secret had monetary gain as a mission in life... but The Secret switches back and forth between what enlightened masters state with everyday people who happened to become rich because they wanted wealth badly enough.

The Secret would serve a much greater purpose if its focus was for individuals to use the law of attraction to improve themselves and their lives inherently. One proponent of it even went as far as to tell viewers, don't worry, there's enough in the universe to go around for everyone's wishes... as if the world is Santa's Christmas bag and if we dream hard enough, we'll get that pony even though 9 million other people want it too. How does a pony compare to the non-desire for material gain, which truly sets people free?

And what of the people in impoverished nations, orphanages, 12 year old boys raising their families because their parents died of AIDS? If they think long enough about owning a private jet, will one lift them away to greener pastures?

The Secret has been distorted, and that's a sad reality. One thing it did make me realize is that as a universe, we are all focusing our energy on the wrong things. The LACK of natural resources, the WAR AGAINST terrorism... if we could shift our global consciousness via the positive energy from the law of attraction, we could change the world. But individuals are too busy using said energy to attain BMW's and vacations.

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