April 13, 2007

How Happy Are You?

How Happy Are You? This was the question posed on one of Oprah's shows this past week, and it really struck a chord.

We've heard it all before, but the information presented in this telecast was somehow new again. Happiness is not a pursuit... you either are happy, or you're not. Happiness is a perspective, a choice you make, an attitude.

The book, Happiness Now was recommended, and I think it's one that we could all use as a refresher course or to turn the tide in our lives.

Another point that struck me is that so many of us are so afraid to admit happiness, because we're fearful that it will then come to an end... but the irony is, happiness does not end or begin... it simply is. Dare to be happy... something that should be so easy is so convoluted by our minds.

I am always thinking if I say something is going great, I will jinx myself, but in essence, the more I recognize the greatness, the more fulfilled I will be. Here's to having a wonderful day!

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