May 6, 2007

Pamela is Always Welcome in my House

Oh happy day! Today I discovered Pamela's gluten free Luscious Chocolate Cake Mix, and Pamela's chocolate chip cookies. I was in such heaven eating the cupcakes that I made from the cake mix that I wouldn't have been surprised if Jesus walked by and told me that the buffet started at 5pm.

Living with a wheat allergy has been grim. I am very grateful to know what the cause of my former bouts of illness was, but giving up chocolate cake, bread and pizza has been depressing, since I derive so much pleasure from food.

But today it seems as though the clouds have parted and a light shined directly on me! I am so excited to have found these products that I want all my readers to know about them! The chocolate cake mix tastes even better than any on the market that contain wheat and gluten. I was expecting to bite into yet another failed attempt at duplicating the real thing, but instead I experienced what surpassed anything I have ever tasted!

Thank you, Pamela!

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