November 27, 2007

Don't Wash Away Baby's Natural Scent

Let’s face it. We're all guilty of spending way too much time whiffing in the scent of the top of our baby's head as though it were a hallucinogenic drug.

Since newborns have that natural smell about them, which if bottled and sold, could aptly be labeled, “Perfection,” I wanted a basically scentless shampoo, body wash and lotion to use on my daughter, as not to cover up her own sweetness in any way.

Aubrey Organics has a 100% natural line of baby care that has a light almond, vanilla scent that doesn’t upstage the baby smell.

Their trio of baby products are ideal for adults with sensitive skin and allergies to synthetic products too.

And if you want to garner lots of points in your mission to help save the Earth, take a family shower, which saves water and time, or hop in the tub with your baby and clean up with these products.

Aubrey Organics are free of lathering agents and paraben preservatives so they won’t strip baby’s skin of inherent protective oils. They do not contain petrochemicals (ingredients derived from petroleum which are toxic, and cause skin allergies), and none of the products contain drying alcohol. They're a bargain at $23.89 for all three products, which come in generous 8 fl. oz bottle sizes.

So grab the rubber ducky and go make some suds!

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