November 28, 2007

Try a little bit of County Comfort in the Big City

Raising a baby in the second largest city in the United States is no easy task. In Los Angeles, there’s no such thing as taking baby for a stroll to get some “fresh” air, no quick fix in putting a colicky infant in the car for a leisurely drive to calm her down, as chronic traffic ensures gridlock… basically a big, deep breath is required anytime you leave the house and head out to sink or swim.

That’s why I was really happy to get some much needed, down home “Country Comfort,” with an all natural diaper cream of the same name. We love this product for our baby and for ourselves, and with the cream's tagline: “For babies and grown-ups who like to be babied," it's no wonder why.

We first used Country Comfort to relieve redness in our daughter's diaper area, and have since found it has soothing and healing qualities for dry, flaky and cracked skin all over her body. My husband and I have used it on our chapping hands, as we wash them religiously in hot water to stop the spread of germs to our little one. Also worth noting is that the consistency of this cream is more like a sturdy ointment. It sticks on well when applied.

The ingredients are unbeatable. With purity such as this, we can all rest assured that Country Cream is doing it's job while not causing any damage with harsh additives.

Ingredients: Pure Oils of Safflower & Hazelnut/Pecan, Beeswax, Lanolin, Avocado & Apricot Oils, Chamomile, Chickweed, Comfrey, Calendula, Golden Seal, St. John's Wort, Myrrh Gum, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E.

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