November 29, 2007

Your Child Cries, But YOU get the puffy eyes!

We've all watched the clock tick past 2am, 3am, 4am, swaying, rocking, singing lullabies... but nothing is putting baby to sleep, and your weary eyes are getting heavier by the minute.

I've looked in the mirror in recent mornings, astonished at how tired I look, and at the fact that I could fit my daughter’s collapsible stroller in one of the bags under my eyes.

Luckily, Sisters Ford has a De-puffing Eye Gel dubbed “a morning must!” Ingredients including raspberry extracts and chamomile soothe and rejuvenate saggy eyes. Upon application, the gel gives a pleasant cooling tingle that will have to be my newfound jolt into the daylight, as I can’t drink caffeine anymore or my daughter becomes a human pogo stick.

Keep this handy tube of gel in your medicine cabinet... whether you're nursing your newborn at 6am, or nursing a hangover if you haven't had kids yet, it's a great tool for women who do it all!

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