December 18, 2007

A Better Bottle

I have previously written about the dangers of the chemical bisphenol A leaching into the breast milk or formula contained in most plastic baby bottles.

The company Babylife has a new glass baby bottle out on the market, with sassy sleeves in a rainbow of colors that not only look groovy, they protect the glass from breaking. The sleeve and the bottle are both free of toxins, and both are dishwasher safe. The bottle's nipple is silicone, not latex, and it too gets the all clear for goodness.

From tip to bottom, these bottle makers left no part unchecked in the mission to assure consumers their bottles are the best choice when it comes to avoiding toxic materials. They care about more than your baby too, they are concerned with the environment, listing the following as their "commitment."

"The long-term future of babies lies with how we treat the earth now. At Babylife, we have given lots of thought to making our products and our company as “green” as possible. We try to use organic and/or sweatshop free fabrics. We use low-impact dyes that contain no metals. We do background checks on the factories... we make sure our materials are FDA-approved. We keep our packaging to a minimum to leave less of a footprint on our precious earth. Babylife plans to donate a portion of its profits to an environmental charity as well as to an international children’s fund."

Remember to always be aware of the products you choose for your baby and your family, as the integrity of their components could be vital to your health.


Gift of Green said...

Those bottles are adorable! I would have bought them on cute factor alone! :)

Petite Planet said...

I know! I love the way they look, and how "hip" it is to be green! :)

mom go green said...

those are very cool, indeed! wherever did you find them?

Petite Planet said...

Here's a link to a list of retail locations where these bottles may be purchased!