December 19, 2007

Green is the Name of the Game

Parker Brothers no longer has the Monopoly on board games. Something greener has moved into the neighborhood, and I am passing "Go" to get my hands on it.

Beyond Learning has invented the "world's first eco-friendly board games." Word Chase is geared toward helping children develop their reading skills, and Number Hunt is designed to help with math skills. Both are filled with artful illustrations that are colorful and unique.

These games are specially made on recycled paper and printed with soy based ink(derived from soybeans). Most board games are manufactured with petroleum based ink. The soy ink makes Beyond Learning games recycle friendly and saves the environment from pollutants.

A percentage of sales from the games goes to "Healthy Child, Healthy World," an organization which educates parents and caregivers about toxins that may affect children's health. Beyond Learning also supports Global Re-Leaf, which enables them to replace the trees they have used in the production of their games.

Each game is reasonably priced at under $20, so giving these as gifts to the children in your life will teach them so much more than reading or math. They'll gain a global perspective that will make them more sensitive to those "Hungry Hippos!"

Having these games in your home will also help eliminate unnecessary toxins under your roof. Cleaning up your playroom was never this easy or fun!

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