January 1, 2008

Holiday Wrap-up

Happy New Year! The holidays came and went very quickly around here! I have somehow lost my voice amidst all of the festivities! Good thing I'm a writer.

Here's my holiday wrap-up of the green variety. While we received countless amazing gifts, these are the eco-friendly highlights:

Olivia's Aunt Catherine packaged her gifts in the adorable, festive fabric bags seen here. She attached a ribbon to each, and Ta-Da! the perfect, re-usable and earth friendly way to give a present. These may also be used to store baby socks and shoes, toys, or just about anything throughout the year!Uncle Brian and Aunt Catherine also gave Olivia an exquisite, handmade wooden toy, a clanking keychain from Melissa and Doug. These toys are finished with colorful, non-toxic dyes, which is "key" because Olivia is now putting everything in her mouth! Here she is with her new toy! Olivia is featured in this photo, more so than the toy, but I couldn't resist sharing her cute expression!
My mom gave me a set of beautiful butterfly (butterflies are my favorite!) greeting cards from a company called "Tree Free." Check out their website to see the amazing statistics regarding if every person in the U.S. switched to Tree Free greeting cards, the monumental impact this would make on the health of our Earth.

Read a little about Tree Free and the materials they use on their website. They also discuss the myth behind "recycled paper," which is quite interesting... they claim it may actually be BAD for the environment. Hmm. I will look into this for a future post.

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