December 28, 2007

Take the bite out of teething *Updated*

Olivia and I are heading to Whole Foods today to buy Camilia with the hopes that it will soothe her in the painful teething process. All I know is, thank goodness we don't remember what it was like to cut teeth!

Camilia was recommended by our pediatrician, who is a woman after my own heart. She's always opting for what is natural and least invasive, (i.e: drug free) but most effective. The liquid drops in in the Camilia package come in easy dose capsules and are 100% natural. What's best about this product is what's NOT in it: alcohol, sugar, artificial colors, preservatives. It's a homeopathic chamomile remedy that apparently works wonders. I'll have to update this post once Olivia has tried it.

Each dose comes in a recyclable unit, and makers encourage you to please recycle the discarded containers.

Wish us luck!

Update: The Camilia works best for Olivia when taken as a prophylactic, before her teething pain sets in. I have not found it helpful in alleviating or soothing her discomfort once she is already in the full swing of teething troubles. Many moms swear this product calms their babies immediately upon one dosage, so clearly it works differently for everyone.
I tried a capsule of Camilia myself, and it's very mild, and Olivia had no problem taking it, which is a huge plus, because she typically rejects and spits out any and all remedies!


mom go green said...

have you tried hyland's homeopathic teething tablets? we always had luck with those. i'm under the impression that the ingredients are fairly clean, but you can check yourself to be sure.

good luck!!

Petite Planet said...

We have indeed tried Hyland's tablets and I found they had the same effect... not quite strong enough to knock out the pain, but may have soothed her before the pain peaked. Thanks for writing in!

Alina said...

Hyland's gel contains parabens and the tablets contain dairy. FYI!

Alina Anderson