January 14, 2008

Ban the Brown Bag

On the topic of ditching plastic bags, I was also thinking of that other daily sack that clogs our landfills: the brown lunch bag. There are a couple of reasons other than pollution to ban the brown forever... it barely keeps food from mushing together... we've all eaten that PB&J sandwich that was wadded into a ball at the bottom of the bag before we could get to it... ick! And I have found an adorable alternative to the brown...

The Gourmetgetaway Lunch Bag insulates your food separately from your drink, to get rid of that sogginess factor that also sometimes ruins food and tears a hole in brown bags. This lunch bag also opens up into a placemat! It has a zip closure that keeps food hot or cold for several hours. It's machine washable too, so no need to sweat spills anymore. While you're at it, think about buying some BPA free plastic containers for your food as well, instead of always reaching for the plastic baggies.

Toting a reusable lunchbox or bag yourself, and giving one to each of your children, will help put a dent in the billions of pounds in lunch waste Americans toss each year. Bon Appetit!

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