January 23, 2008

What's really in the "fabric of our lives?"

That's sweet Olivia in her pink, organic cotton sweater... and that little foot sticking out kicks as much outside the womb as it did inside.

One of the first articles I ever had published was back in the day when no one had even heard of organic cotton. My assignment was to introduce readers to the concept behind organic cotton, and to discuss why buying it could help save our planet. Some facts from that article are still newsworthy today. Although more labels are switching to organic cotton, the majority haven't.

Even if you can't purchase all of your baby's layette in organic cotton, buy the key pieces in the friendlier fabric, her main sweater, blanket, hat, etc.

Here's some facts from my article:
  • Cotton is the most heavily pesticide treated crop grown in the United States.
  • One pound of chemical fertilizer and pesticide is needed to produce the three pounds of cotton in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans.
The good news:
  • Organic cotton is an identical alternative that doesn't wreak havoc on our planet.
  • The sustainable farming methods used to harvest organic cotton preserve our land, air and water, as biologically based growing systems are used to raise crops, not chemically based systems.
  • Organic cotton lasts longer than regular cotton.
  • When you buy organic cotton, you help set the tone of demand for these products thereby encouraging other companies to supply organic cotton products.
Olivia's sweater shown above is from a company called Hanna Andersson. The values and integrity Hanna puts into her products are worth supporting, and her clothing is precious.
Olivia also has a sleeper like the one shown here. It zips up, and makes for quick and easy diaper changes.

So scoop your little darling up some organic cotton clothing and rest assured she is snuggling up in a safe fabric.

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