January 23, 2008

Record your pride and joy

We just returned from Austin, Texas to which Olivia took her very first flight. She got a "first flight" certificate and wings from Southwest Airlines and was such a trooper that at the end of the flight an airline attendant said she didn't even know there was a baby on the plane!

Olivia continued to amaze us with her penchant for travel, savoring the hustle and bustle, napping almost on cue in her carseat in the booth beside us, so we could enjoy meals in restaurants and then take her to a local toy store once she woke up. She was the perfect baby through and through... much more well behaved than she is at home!

I know, right now I sound like one of those bragging parents... which is why today's post is about a handmade travel journal made in Nepal from the Lokta bush, a completely renewable resource. No part of this journal strips anything from the environment. So you and I can use its pages to brag about how well our babies behave on the road. The name of the journal slides of the tongue too, so it will be fun to say, "I'm going to go write in my Lama Li Lokta Travel Journal."

I can't wait to hit the high seas or the friendly skies or the open road again with my new favorite traveling companion, Olivia, with my Lama Li Lokta in tow.

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