February 21, 2008

Lots of Teenies can Blanket the World in Green

Just like blades of grass stand together to create a lush, sprawling lawn, people can grow in the same direction with the mission of covering our planet in green living.

Teenie Greenie is a tiny website that lists 10 "teenie things to make the world more greenie." Go check them out and see how easy it is to do not only one, but all of them. Be sure to click on the little gray arrow next to each tip to see the grand impact of the small gesture. Something as easy as using a manual can opener, done collectively, can literally change the state of the environment. (I have never found an electric can opener that works anyway! Maybe the universe was trying to tell me something!)

If you then click on the "click here for one more greenie," you may submit your name to join other teenie greenies worldwide and declare solidarity. You may also invite friends via email to take part in practicing these teenie tips.

So turn off the water when you're brushing your teeth, drive one MPH slower to work, and enjoy your day!

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