February 27, 2008

Real grass is always greener

Easter is a bit more than a hop, skip and a jump away, but I am writing this now to give you time to gather (and grow) the goods to make your Easter decor as green as can be. (Thanks to a dear Petite Planet reader who asked me to please provide tips on this topic!)

We've all experienced that neon green, petroleum based fake grass in our Easter baskets. You know, the kind that you have to inevitably peel off one of your "Peeps" every year. Well, this year, get started on growing real grass in your baskets.

*Quick note- These tips are a bit time consuming, but they are also time passers with the kids. What better way to spend an afternoon than planting and growing seeds together and shopping for and experimenting with ways to preserve the planet?

Anyway, in order to cover your basket in green grass, you need to plant it around... NOW! Hop over to this page and learn how to make a "Grassy Basket". A thought on baskets: my mom kept all of our Easter baskets and used them year after year. In fact, I am pretty certain she still has them all somewhere, and we're all in our thirties now. (Don't you, Mom?) So, help save precious materials by re-using your baskets.

Another ingenious basket idea my sister gave me is to use those adorable green baskets that strawberries come in. Fill those with goodies, and you are recycling in action.

Now let's reminisce to those tiny pellets of dye we all used as children to color our eggs. Well, there's a more natural way to dye eggs. First off, be sure to buy organic eggs this year so we can be sure to support sustainable means of agriculture and a healthier environment. Next, scramble to this page on natural dyes. Make like mad scientists and experiment with using nature's rainbow to give your eggs unique hues. Oranges, red onions, beets, cranberries, apples and coffee, among many others, will all help your eggs come to life.

Another very important tip for Easter: don't buy a real bunny. Visit The Humane Society's campaign: "Easter Bunny? Make Mine Chocolate." This page will give you facts about the realities of caring for a rabbit and will help you decide whether a rabbit is the right pet for your family. Too many bunnies are abandoned after the festivities of Easter pass, so please don't buy a bunny (or a chick!) unless you are willing to make the huge commitment of being a great pet owner.

Happy Easter... soon, and please send in your own Easter "green" tips in the comments section to share with readers.

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