February 28, 2008

"Breastfeeding is Green" Contest

Put your thinking caps on, come up with a catchphrase about why breastfeeding is green, (which will then be printed on T-shirts and sold by Nursing Mother Supplies) and win a $300 breastfeeding gift basket from Nursing Mother Supplies. The details for the contest may be found here.

I've honestly never stopped to think about nursing being an eco-friendly act, but it is indeed. Here are some of the reasons listed by Nursing Mother Supplies as to why nursing helps preserve our earth. The only one I am dubious about is the one that states nursing is a natural form of birth control, because I know plenty of women who became a mommy again while breastfeeding!

The contest is open until April 30, 2008, and you may submit your entry to: contest@nursingmothersupplies.com. 50% of the profits made from the sales of the winning T-shirt will be donated to La Leche League International, and the other 50% will be donated to the environmental organization of the winner's choice!

Have fun coming up with your catchphrases! I can't wait to hear which one wins!

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