April 1, 2008

Green in the Mainstream

The words "organic cotton" are bandied about quite often these days. When people say to buy and wear organic cotton, it may make you think you need to visit a fancy schmancy clothing boutique that sells high-end designs made of organic cotton that are neither affordable or practical.

But this week alone, I have found three retail giants that are selling organic cotton clothing at very reasonable prices. This is such great news because now we can all opt for the earth-friendly fabric which will help preserve the health of all humanity and wildlife. As I have written before, cotton is the most heavily pesticide treated crop in the United States. Why would you want to snuggle up into pesticides? The other magnificent thing about organic cotton hitting mainstream retailers is that if we all demand this fabric, the supply will increase. Hopefully one day in the near future, all clothing will be made from organic cotton!

Target now carries a brand called L.O.L Green. I couldn't find a link to them and I couldn't locate the T-shirt I bought on the Target website, but it's a white T-shirt that reads: "My White T-shirt is Green," and of course it is made of organic cotton.

At Victoria's Secret I bought an organic cotton nightshirt with a pink heart on the front that resembles the green recycle sign with arrows. On the back it reads: "Bring Back the Love." I couldn't find this item on their website either, but a visit to these stores will prove fruitful. This nightshirt is super soft and very feminine. It has a little flare at the waistline which makes it look like a little skirt, and the scoop neckline is flattering too. I love it.

Finally, Old Navy has organic cotton baby clothes! Yay! Click here to see their collection. These onesies are affordable and clever. I love the one that reads: "Grown with a little pest-inside!"

I am so pleased that these large companies which can make such a difference due to the quantities of clothing they sell, are jumping on the green bandwagon and offering consumers much deserved non-toxic options for everyday life. Go out there and grab as much organic cotton as you can! And please write in and let me know if you find anymore green in the mainstream!


Patricia said...

I also bought that shirt, Any ideas where i can get more from this company?

Petite Planet said...

I have only seen the L.O.L brand at Target, and I saw it there the other day in Portland, so perhaps check back at your local Target store too!