April 29, 2008

Stamp Out Hunger May 10th

Mark your calendars because May 10th is national "Stamp Out Hunger" day. All you need to do is place a bag of nonperishable food items next to your mailbox before your mail delivery on Saturday, May 10th, and your mailman or mailwoman will collect the goods and donate them to food banks in over 10,000 communities.

A quick stroll to your mailbox will help feed the needy. Perhaps you and your little ones can open your own cupboards without even needing to make a trip to the grocery store. Simply toss some of your canned goods, rice, cereal, etc. in a sturdy bag and you've done a great deed. Make sure the food you donate is in nonbreakable, unopened containers.

This is a wonderful way to teach children about people who don't even have the basic necessities in life, and need a helping hand such as theirs in order to eat. It will help give children perspective and add value to their own meals and blessings. This small gesture will make a giant difference in many lives.

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