May 22, 2008

Green Our Vaccines

It is thrilling that the word is out on vaccine safety and the need for awareness and attention regarding the inundation of vaccines suggested by the current immunization schedule. I am 100% behind the Green Our Vaccines movement, headed by the TACA organization. (Talk About Curing Autism)

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey will be leading the "Green our Vaccines" rally for Autism Awareness in Washington D.C. on June 4th. If you're anywhere near the D.C. area, please register, get out there and let your voices be heard.

The message and goals for this rally are simple and powerful:
  • We are not anti-vaccine, we are anti-toxins.
    Green our Vaccines!!

  • Change the schedule, babies are getting too much too soon.

  • We support informed consent for all families
  • To give the moms and dads around the world a day to be heard. This is their day. This will be their moment.

Parents, it is really vital that we band together and let giant, intimidating organizations, groups of doctors and our government know that just because they suggest a one size fits all immunization schedule and turn a blind eye to tragic vaccine side effects, we don't have to sit on the sidelines powerless and uninformed.

Even if you can't march in the streets of this or another rally behind this cause, march to your own intuitive mommy and daddy drummer and research vaccines, educate yourself, read all you can, and know what you are injecting into your child. Again, I am NOT anti-vaccine, I am PRO information and the cautious administering of vaccines. Check out Dr. Sears' alternative schedule for vaccines in his new book, "The Vaccine Book." There are safer ways to give vaccines... please pursue them.

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Elizabeth said...

Thank you for supporting us! Just because babies don't have immediate reactions (anaphylactic shock) to vaccines doesn't mean they aren't harmed in the long term! So many of us parents of kids with autism know it started with Hepatitis B vaccine at birth. My son has the bloodwork to prove liver damage!!! The CDC claim that autism is genetic is true! Babies with certain genes cannot handle the vaccines, so where is the screening for these genes, are these babies expendable? Mine is not! For 1 in 150, the benefits DO NOT outweigh the risks. This has got to stop! Thank you for posting your support to the rally, we appreciate it! Hugs!