June 13, 2008

Assemble your Natural First Aid Kit with help from Whole Foods

My love of Whole Foods is certainly no secret. It's my second home really. I want to direct you dear readers to their blog, "Whole Story," and specifically to their podcast on Natural First Aid for Summer. Time off work, vacations, camping and sunshine sometimes leave us a bit weathered. This is why it's important to put together a kit of natural remedies before forging into summer.

Listen to invaluable information on what to do if you (gasp!) get sunburned this summer. Essential oils added to lotion or a bath will provide the relief you need. Tune in to hear which specific oils to reach for. And aloe vera is always a trusty standby for red skin. Plant one in your yard for easy access.

Did you know that eating onions and garlic will help keep pesky mosquitoes from chowing down on your skin? Citronella, evergreen and eucalyptus essential oils will also help keep munching bugs at bay if you prefer to keep your kisser fresh.

Arnica gel and cream, tea tree oil, lavender and calendula are all items you'll also want to stock up on. You'll learn what to use each for by listening to the podcast linked to above.

Greet summer armed with a plan to combat some of the season's pitfalls naturally. Happy listening!

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