June 16, 2008

Invite Hugo into Your Shower

Every once in awhile, I find a product that truly astounds me, and makes me wonder why ALL products aren't as brilliant, pure or eco-friendly.

In my family's search for a shower gel that contains no alcohol (and believe me, it's quite a feat to find personal care products that don't contain alcohol), we luckily stumbled upon Hugo Naturals.

Showers are like mini-vacations in our household, so taking the right companions into the stall is a vital decision. Hugo is welcome in our shower for many reasons...

Their motto: "Be good to your skin, be good to the earth," is a great start which of course got our attention. These shower gels contain amazingly nourishing ingredients that are cruelty-free (NO animal testing), and they have no artificial fragrances or colors, petroleum products, parabens, animal fats, and as stated above, no alcohol. These missing ingredients are saving your skin and the earth from unnecessary pollutants.

As for what's IN these gels, you'll find an endless list of natural and organic ingredients including organic olive oil, aloe vera leaf extract, green tea leaf extract, vitamin E, witch hazel, etc. depending on which fragrance you select.

If you like to change up your scents, Hugo Naturals is the perfect line for you, because they have a wide range of shower gel options that range from invigorating Grapefruit and refreshing Sweet Orange and Lemon to Shea Butter and Vanilla that smells like fresh baked sugar cookies. All of these pure concoctions smell good enough to eat... I am almost tempted to taste them, but I'll have to settle for rubbing them all over my body!

And my husband loves the fragrances as well, so sharing is an option, which saves on packaging. The bottles are a generous 16 ounces (think large bottle of shampoo), and a little goes a long way on a loofah sponge.

You can purchase Hugo Naturals products via their website, but we conveniently found their line at Whole Foods.

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