June 11, 2008

Pro Green to Grow

I'm loving that baby bottles are getting greener and so much safer since the discovery that BPA is a toxin. I recently found Green to Grow baby bottles and I can't rave about them enough.

They are tops in terms of baby safety. In addition to being BPA free, these bottles are free of phthlates, lead and PVC, and their silicone nipples are nitrosamine free. On the eco-friendly front, the box they come in is made of 100% recycled paper and printed with soy ink. 1% of annual Green to Grow sales is donated to environmental causes.

As if building such an ingenious "green" bottle weren't enough, Green to Grow also founded the Bottles to Babies charity, which collects gently used bottles as donations for babies in need. Check out the embedded link to see how you can help out once your little ones move on to sippy cups.

President of Green to Grow, Michael Ritterbrown's heartfelt message on why he founded this company and developed these safe bottles speaks volumes. If only every businessman in America had such strong motives to act on behalf of our children's health and the grace of our planet.

He states:

"We have learned, in our efforts to serve as stewards of health and wellbeing for babies and children, that it is impossible to separate what is best for babies and children from what is best for the earth."

Thank you for making it a little bit easier to be a parent!

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dcitron said...

It was really great to learn about Green to Grow's Bottles to Babies Charity! I'm a mom that has used these bottles with my 14 month old since I found out about them about 8 months ago...and loved them so much I actually sell them on my company's site www.WhatEveryBabyNeeds.com. Please check it out, and thanks again - I've bookmarked you and look forward to reading more.