July 2, 2008

Have Bib, Will Travel

Dining on the go is a cinch with the Bibbity Rinse and Roll bib by Kiddopotamus. This bib is now a permanent resident in my diaper bag, as it rolls up and tucks into its own pocket. Breakfast O's can be easily eaten out of the deep pocket while Olivia sits in her stroller or highchair, and come mealtime this flexible bib keeps food and spills at bay. Simply swipe a baby wipe over it when finished, and when you get home, wash it with soap and water before putting it back into your diaper bag.

We have used rubbery type bibs before and Olivia was not a fan of their rigid molding. The waterproof Bibbity, which comes in green, yellow, pink and blue, is soft, pliable and easy to wear. It has three size settings which are no fuss as well.

Made in the USA, Bibbity bibs are free of BPA, lead, phthalates, latex and PVC.

It is so nice having this bib handy while out and about because it takes up so little space in my bag, it is lightweight, and Olivia finds it very comfortable. Grab one for your baby here.

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