July 3, 2008

"William is Going Green": an Earth Friendly book for Children

A great way to teach children about going "green" and eco-friendliness is to present them with an understandable, entertaining story via an engaging book. This mission is accomplished with "William is Going Green."

This book introduces us to William the garbage truck, as we watch him transform from a stinky, loud truck with pollution to spare into a green machine equipped with an eco-friendly hybrid engine. Green tips such as, "brush your teeth, have fun, but don't let the water run," (which also happens to be a good reminder for adults) are sprinkled throughout the story so children may take away lessons on preserving the planet in their own small ways on a daily basis.

A father/son duo created William the Garbage Truck and Crew together. Four year old James Martin III was the art director behind each character, and children will find his cartoonish images appealing.

I'm obviously all for teaching our children about big and small ways to save our earth, and slipping these lessons into story time is a natural way to mold them into responsible, aware inhabitants of our precious planet.

Order your copy of "William is Going Green" here.

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