July 30, 2008

Little Hands Can Now Hold The Big Apple

I never thought I'd find a way to own New York City property for under $20, but low and behold, there's "New York City in a Bag,"designed by MUJI. Talk about a bargain... for $15 you can own every piece of prime real estate Manhattan has to offer. The Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, the Chrysler Building... what would Donald Trump think?

This small wooden set of the big city includes eight infamous structures and six cars to display that famous Broadway traffic. The charming figures can either be treasured as art for adults or as toys for children. It is made of wood from sustainable forests, and it comes in a reusable bag.

I tried to "make it" in NYC once, but had to turn my back on life in the Big Apple. It feels good to have the memories back in the palm of my hand.

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