August 30, 2008

Kids Will Be Green with Envy Over these Back to School Finds

There's no doubt many of you will be heading to the stores to buy your back to school gear this weekend. I wanted to equip you with two comprehensive guides on eco-friendly school items that will allow your children to make a statement while preserving the planet.

The Center for Health, Environment and Justice put together an amazing list in their Eco-friendly Back to School Guide. Select from their PVC free choices and limit your child's exposure to the toxic nature of PVC, thereby improving their health and the environment. Listed are PVC selections in every realm from lunch boxes and sneakers to binders and notebooks.

The Green Guide has also released their Eco-Checklist 2008: Green Gear for the Back to School Blues. This comprehensive list also covers every corner, and gives several options for making earth-friendly purchases.

Both of these lists name Laptop Lunches as a green alternative to typical lunch boxes. Re-visit my post on Laptop Lunches to learn about and buy a fantastic PVC free lunch box for your little one.

Kids are always talking about their gear and showing off their new purchases... so why not give them conversation pieces that encourage them and others to leave a lighter footprint on the earth? If we all shop green, and our kids pass the trends on to each other, soon "green living" will be the norm, not the alternative.

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