August 28, 2008

The Nielsons Need Us

Pictured above are Christian and Stephanie Nielson with their four young children. On August 16th, Christian and Stephanie were critically injured in a private plane crash. Just days before this tragic event, Stephanie was writing fun loving posts on her blog, "Nie Nie Dialogues." I am humbled by how quickly life can change.

The blogging community has banded together to raise funds for the Nielson's mounting hospital bills which are believed to be over one million dollars to date. There are several internet auctions taking place in which amazing items have been donated and skilled artisans have created special wares to raise money to help alleviate their financial burden as they both recover from severe burn injuries.

Please head over to Design Mom to see all of the amazing items that are available for bidding. At last count there were over 300 products/opportunities up for grabs. Everything from a signed guitar from Maroon 5 and a Marc Jacobs handbag to one of a kind jewelry and a handmade baby angel mobile, which is simply divine. There are also baseball tickets and vacation packages available. You can bid in dozens of categories and know that your money is being spent to help a deserving family.

Other ways to help include writing a blog post about the auction if you have your own blog, so all of your readers will be able to spread the word and participate, add a Nie Recovery button to your blog to raise awareness, and to simply, yet very powerfully, pray for the Nielson family.

Please be sure to join in the Nie Nie Benefit sale September 23rd and 24th. Details may be found here.

I read and got acquainted with Stephanie's blog, and her smile, love of life and family and celebratory spirit are contagious. I am moved by the reminder herein of the fragility of life, and also by the willingness of a worldwide community to come to the aid of the Nielson family.

Tonight it took Olivia extra long to fall asleep, but instead of wishing she would enter slumber quickly, as she usually does in my arms, I savored the extra time with her as we giggled together and I kissed her toes and played with her curls. Cherish every moment.

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