September 26, 2008

Be an "Outlaw" Against Plastic Bags

Tiny Revolutionary has just added a fantastic tote to their line. I wrote about Tiny Revolutionary's Eco-Tees on Inhabitots, and I am a huge fan of this company's environmentally friendly philosophies and manufacturing practices, charitable donations and quality, adorable clothing. See my favorite Eco-Tee here.

Their new "Outlaw Plastic Bags" Tote is made of organic cotton, which is an essential factor in choosing totes to replace plastic bags. We want to make sure we're not swapping one evil for another by purchasing reusable totes that are irresponsibly made. The Outlaw Tote holds the equivalent of up to six plastic bags of groceries, so the folks at Tiny Revolutionary reckon that using it will save you from using between 600-1,000 bags a year! That statistic is staggering... to think one person could make such a large impact.

I love the cute plastic bag turned bandit design on the Outlaw Tote, which is also a great conversation piece to get people talking in line at the checkout. Why not wield your green prowess and let others know that "between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide EACH DAY, and of those, only 1% are recycled?"

Click here to order your stylish, earth saving Outlaw tote, and let the sun set on your use of plastic bags! Yee-haw! (Sorry, I couldn't resist...)

ENTER "ONELOVE" at checkout to receive a 15% discount!

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