September 29, 2008

Under the Nile turns Cribs into Clouds

Who coined the term, "sleep like a baby?" They must not have had any children. My baby hasn't enjoyed sleep since about the third day of her life! But we finally managed to get her into the swing of slumbering a couple of months ago, and now that we have placed an Under the Nile 100% pure Egyptian organic cotton crib sheet on her mattress, she actually looks forward to nestling into the crib she formerly shunned. We had been co-sleeping with her on our pillow-top mattress, and once we moved her into her crib, she didn't find the harder surface very inviting. But the Under the Nile crib sheet made her crib so much softer and cozier that now she sleeps as if she's resting on a cloud.

Now if only I could get the sheet in a King size, as it's made of the softest, most heavenly cotton I have ever felt! (Under the Nile does make a King Blanket... I'll be adding this to my wish list! Esquire voted it "Best Blanket in the World." See? I am not exaggerating about the phenomenal nature of Under the Nile wares.)

I simply love Under the Nile products from their toys and clothing to their blankets and bedding, because not only are they made of the highest caliber Egyptian organic cotton, but the welfare of the environment and their workers is at the top of their priority list.

They sponsor the 13 Villages Project, which provides healthier living conditions, empowerment and wages to impoverished women. Their wildly popular, adorable crate with veggie toys featuring soft, safe, chewable veggies for kids are handmade by women in rural Egypt, who wouldn't be able to make a living otherwise.

I want to snatch up everything in the Under the Nile line! Check out these floor mats made from the leftover scraps from their clothing collection... the scraps are woven into masterpieces.

Under the Nile has me floating on cloud nine!

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