September 15, 2008

BOON Puts Joy and Success into Toddler Feeding

Olivia has forayed into the messy world of eating like a toddler. Right on cue with the development of her independence, she wants to do everything herself at mealtime. I spend more time on the floor than I do sitting down during meals, as I pick up stray peas and cereal bits, and wipe away splodges of yogurt and butternut squash. It's a really good thing I have some Boon products up my sleeve to help make feeding less frenzied.

Pictured above is the quintessential snack carrier that's a must have for every parent of a toddler. I am getting to the point of needing rolling luggage instead of a diaper bag, for all of the necessities I tote around on our outings. This sleek Snack Ball holds a perfect serving of cereal, or other small snack (raisins, sliced grapes), and keeps it from being smashed in your bag. Believe me, you don't want to be stuck without a snack on your excursions, so keep your Snack Ball stocked and ready to roll.

The Baby Food Dispensing Spoon shown above is aptly named, "Squirt." This invention is ingenious! Olivia is always trying to grab the spoon from me to feed herself, and I am often reluctant to give it to her due to the inevitable ensuing mess. (No, oatmeal in the hair is not a trade beauty secret.) Problem solved: I fill up "Squirt" with her yogurt and she can feed herself in a cleaner manner. This is also an amazing tool for parents who are feeding baby on the go. It would be ideal for airplane travel, as it requires only one hand to use, while you balance baby on your lap with your other hand.

As your toddler progresses from using sling-shot maneuvers to catapult mango and blueberry waffles across the room, and is actually interested in getting food directly into her mouth, opt for the Benders, Adaptable Utensils. Since a toddler's grip on eating utensils is a bit out of line, (ahem, like their behavior at times), the ends of these utensils bend to accommodate their dexterity. As their motor skills continue to develop, the ends may be straightened so they act as conventionally designed, "grown-up" eating ware.
The folks at Boon really have children and parents in mind with the creation of their products. All of their feeding products are free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. They also sell a plethora of hip, modern gear and darling clothing as well. Browse the entire Boon line here.

Boon also donates a generous 10% of their profits to charities
. They are currently donating to the Child Crises Center, an emergency shelter which focuses on preventing child abuse.

Boon is not only cleaning up my dining room, it's making the world safer for children. Stock up with these Boon essentials and support a company who has the health and safety of our children at the forefront of their mind.


Allie said...

Those are so cool!

I don't have kids, but I could totally use the snack holder to stash some almonds or dried fruit in my purse.

Petite Planet said...
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Petite Planet said...

Good call, Allie! Why should kids be the only ones with the cute accessories?