September 17, 2008

Enter CleanWell's "Healthy Hands" Sweepstakes

I think every germ's three favorite words are: "Back to School." Classrooms filled with children sharing learning supplies, touching door knobs, wiping noses, coughing into the open air, not washing hands... now I know why I was directed by our pediatrician to keep Olivia away from "school aged children" in an attempt to keep her supremely healthy for the first eight weeks of her life.

As parents we say, "wash your hands" roughly one billion times a day. Or maybe that's just me? I think I even say it to strangers and passerby because it's such an automatic instinct of mine. Hand washing is such a simple, yet highly effective way to cut down on the spread of germs and illness. But children need constant reminding, and more often than not there's no warm water and soap to lather up with when they need it the most. Thank goodness for CleanWell.

I wrote a previous post highlighting CleanWell, a great eco-friendly, alcohol free hand sanitizer. With the health of school children as a prime concern, the fine folks at CleanWell are having a
Healthy Hands Sweepstakes, in which they will select 20 people to win a one year supply of CleanWell to donate to their child's classroom.

Click here to enter the sweepstakes.
Click here to download a coupon for $1 off CleanWell products.

Be well!

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