October 27, 2008

Libby Dibby Helps Olivia say "Hi!"

Olivia's favorite pastime as of late is saying, "hi!" to everyone and everything... strangers, passerby, her own reflection, doggies, kitties, her toys... she simply can't get enough of the greeting.

The "hi" tee shown above is from Libby Dibby's shop on Etsy. This shop features darling, handmade, one of a kind wares that are as charming as a "hi" from an adorable toddler. Check out the range of applique tees that will fit both moms and their children. Maybe I should purchase the "hi" shirt in my size too?

I love the inherently green goodness that goes into every handmade piece of the Libby Dibby line. She even uses leftover fabric scraps to make doorstops.

Hop on over to the Libby Dibby shop at Etsy to say "hello!"

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