October 13, 2008

October is Children's Health Month

I know we're almost halfway through October, but it's not too late to observe Children's Health Month, which incidentally, I think should be a year round celebration.

The Environmental Protection Agency has complied a calendar of Action Steps for Each Day of October, in honor of Children's Health Month, and it's filled with invaluable tools in protecting your child's health and securing their environment.

Tips offered include protection from lead poisoning, reducing the use of pesticides in your home, food safety awareness, and preventing SIDS and asthma attacks.

Keeping with the trend of learning the best ways to promote your child's health and well-being, visit another one of my favorite sites on the topic: Healthy Child, Healthy World for current news and vital information on caring for your little ones.

Another great resource is the Dietary Recommendations for Healthy Children compiled by The American Heart Association. This comprehensive, explanatory diet outline takes the guesswork out of meal planning and feeding and covers children from infancy through age 18.

Most importantly, enjoy your precious children and give them healthy roots at home so they can grow into vibrant human beings!

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