October 10, 2008

October is "Fair Trade" Month

October is "Fair Trade" month! I couldn't resist putting a picture of my favorite musician and Fair Trade supporter, Chris Martin at the top of this post.

This month is the perfect time to acquaint yourself with "Fair Trade." You can learn what you can do to support fair trade and provide better working conditions and lives for farmers who support the global community and employ sustainable farming methods.

Wondering where to buy Fair Trade products? They are all around us... from Ben & Jerry's to Trader Joes, Fair Trade products are ripe for the picking throughout many of our shopping excursions, so we only need to be aware of them to get on board. Click here to see where you can make Fair Trade purchases. Even Amazon.com offers a ton of Fair Trade items.

If you've always wanted to know what exactly "Fair Trade" means, educate yourself by clicking here for a user-friendly tutorial.

I've also written about Fair Trade products here on Petite Planet. Check out my posts on yummy Fair Trade chocolate, Under the Nile, Maggie's Functional Organics, and GreenEdge Kids to name a few!

Treat yourself to a Fair Trade purchase, and try to switch to Fair Trade varieties of your staple items (coffee, chocolate, clothing) to make the world more just.

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