November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Nature Inspiried Craft for Kids: Even a Turkey could make this Turkey

I must admit, I am not very gifted in the craft making department. My mom has tried in vain to teach me to sew... and I can't even get the needle threaded. My friend once very patiently tried to teach me how to knit, and I ended up with a wonky looking bookmark instead of the intended scarf. I am not a DIYer either; but I have deep admiration for those who whip up outfits and masterpieces of all varieties for their children, and I get voyeuristic thrills when I peruse Etsy, wishing I had the mad skills of the people touting their wares there.

I really wish I was craftier, and when I come across anything I actually can do in the craft department, I feel downright jubilant. See the Fall Leaf Turkey above? How cute is he? He can easily come to life, even on my watch, by collecting leaves, pressing them in a book so they don't turn 'crunchy,' then gluing them to a piece of recycled/used paper in a fan shape. Glue a pine cone to the bottom of the fan of leaves, then add eyes and a beak from scraps or old materials found around the house. So simple, and so very festive and cute! I love that making this turkey also includes an outdoor excursion with your kids to collect the leaves and perfect pine cone face. You could even perch your child's completed turkey on a small easel and use it as the centerpiece at Thanksgiving dinner.

This idea came compliments of the DLTK's Crafts for Kids website. They have such great crafts that are sure to keep you and your children occupied for hours!

Re-visit Allie's guest post here on Petite Planet, to read more about eco-friendly crafts for kids.

Who knows, maybe Olivia will teach me a thing or two, and I'll end up being crafty after all!

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