November 19, 2008

She's Got Organic BabyLegs, She Knows How to Use 'Em

Whether your baby knows how to use her legs yet or not, BabyLegs will give her a real leg up on style for this season.

BabyLegs are leg and arm warmers that may be worn in a variety of ways, to give babies and children, girls and boys alike, a fashionable edge in a cozy manner. I love the organic Babylegs in Marzipan seen below. Olivia wears these with her onesies around the house, or under skirts while out and about. They also look sweet worn as high knee socks under jeans. You really can't go wrong when putting them on your tot. We get so many compliments when she dons these hip accessories, and they liven up every outfit.

BabyLegs are also an ingenious way to help crawlers prevent red, roughed up knees. I wish we had these when Olivia was still crawling. These adorable leg warmers were invented by Nicole Donnelly, when she wanted to keep her daughter's legs warm while letting her go diaper free to allow diaper rash to heal, which is another great use for them! They are a great, more comfortable alternative to tights, which are hard to get on and off tiny, squirmy legs. They may also be worn in the summer months to provide sun protection. I always worried about Olivia's legs while the sun beat down on them in her stroller, but now I can throw a pair of BabyLegs on her to prevent sunburn!

The BabyLegs modeled below are the Pink Ribbon Babylegs. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of these BabyLegs are donated to the Puget Sound Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, year round. What a perfect present for a child whose mother is battling, or has won the fight against breast cancer, and what an adorable way to raise awareness for this worthy cause.

And check out these Santa's Helper BabyLegs! Can you imagine how precious your baby would look crawling around in these on Christmas morning? What a gift.

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Amber said...

These are so adorable! Thanks for posting this. I will have to share this with my friend so she can buy some for her little girl who just began to crawl.

roseymama said...

Oh I ADORE babylegs! They are great for those who use cloth diapers too--makes diaper changes easy:-) And Mallie wears them under skirts like Olivia--we always get compliments on her cute 'legwarmers':-)

Jill said...

I will pass these on to friends, thanks! I love these. Good for cloth diaper people who don't always want to put a cover on and still keep those legs warm. Love the red ones!

Alina said...

Love love love babylegs!