December 19, 2008

How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

I know Christmas hasn't even gotten here, but it's never too early to be eco-minded and learn how to recycle your Christmas tree.

The National Christmas Tree Association (yes, there is one!) is a great resource for the environmental facts behind our ornamental trees. Christmas trees are indeed recyclable, and just check out this list which highlights the many ways that our "O Tannenbaums" keep on giving of their lovely branches. Trees are used to make mulch, vaccines, homes for herons, and more! They really are trees of life...

Christmas trees also benefit the environment. Read how, here. This puts an end to the debate, "Is chopping down a real tree really better for the planet than buying an artificial tree?" Now you know, real is better. Which is evidently the case across the board when it comes to most things!

Wondering how or where to recycle your tree? Visit and simply enter the term "christmas trees" after the prompt: Start Recycling, and then enter your zip code to find a location or program in your area.


Daisy said...

I have to keep spreading the word because trees have an unusual re-use in my neighborhood. I live a few miles north of Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin, one of the largest freshwater lakes outside of the Great Ones. Local ice fishing clubs collect trees after Christmas and use them to mark "safe" driving trails on the frozen lake.

Petite Planet said...

That IS interesting! What a great idea!