January 23, 2009

How Bad Hair Days Led to Better Skin Days

I'm guilty of the mom blahs. I have a cute haircut, yet every day I get out of the shower and tie my wet hair into a loose bun before joining Olivia for a day of toddler inspired action. Blow drying my hair would be akin to hiking Mount Everest at this point, and it looks decent after it air dries, but I'm so used to having it out of my face, that I feel like a breed of sheepdog when it's down.

Which brought me to my latest indulgence: skincare. Before I became a mom, I had that youthful glow... the kind that made people gasp when I told them my age and say things like, "No way! You are NOT 30! You look 22!" Post Olivia, bless her soul, but mama is looking her age these days, and ain't no one saying otherwise! Couple that fact with my hair always being pulled back and my face boldly exposed to the world, I am reaching for the best skin care I can find!

So, that's the long-winded intro to my absolute gleeful revelation that is Jurlique. Let's be real here... Jurlique costs a pretty penny, at least in my opinion, but I am finally willing to step up to the plate and stop playing around with less expensive alternatives that don't make me feel aglow. Since using Jurlique, I look in the mirror and actually see the difference in my skin. The Replenishing Foaming Cleanser seen above is my new fountain of youth. Miraculously, the folks there have found a way to make me love the scent of bottled roses too... as I had previously run screaming down a fluorescent lit aisle away from anything that even said "rose" on its label. The replenishing foaming cleanser has a delicious rose scent that doesn't make you think of dusty old sachets from yesteryear.

I truly adore so many of Jurlique's products, but I have to invest in one at a time due to budget constraints. I have had the opportunity to try many samples of their products and I also LOVE their Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel, Calendula Cream, and all of their Hand Creams. Jurlique also has a line of baby care products that I'd love to use on Olivia.

Of course, as with every product I tend to adore, the philosophies and business practices behind Jurlique are hands down the best of any beauty company on the planet. They practice Biodynamic farming on their own farms in Australia, from whence they derive the pure, sustainably harvested ingredients for their products. It's a really amazing feeling when you squeeze any bit of a Jurlique product into your hand, you know that it was grown and created and blended with the utmost concern for the planet's health and for your own health and well-being.

I just can't rave enough about Jurlique, and since Valentine's Day is approaching, moms, put some of their skincare on your wish list! You deserve it!

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