January 21, 2009

Dig in to Thinkbaby's Feeding Set

I have been extolling the virtues of thinkbaby products at every opportunity I get, as I am a huge fan of their philosophy: to make children's safety and health their top priority. Check out my reviews of thinkbaby bottles here and here.

I was elated to learn that thinkbaby has introduced a feeding set into their line. This completely toxic free set includes all the components seen above... and not shown are the airtight lids for the bento box and the two bowls. I especially like the fork and spoon because they are curved and really easy for toddler's to use to maneuver food into their mouth without requiring an advanced level of dexterity. Olivia has had the most success with the thinkbaby utensils, and we have tried many varieties to date! The bowls are also the perfect size, and they are sturdy without being heavy.

I love that this set is a departure from plastic-mania. It's comprised of stainless steel and the orange coating on each dish is made of polypropelene. Here's what comes with each feeding set:
  • 9 oz Bento Box with air-tight, leak-proof lid
  • 10 oz Soup/Cereal Bowl with lid
  • 10 oz Low Profile Baby Bowl with lid
  • 7 oz Kids Cup with chunky handle
  • Contoured Spoon and Fork with easy grip handle
Instead of buying a BPA free plastic bowl here and a BPA free cup and utensils there, do yourself a favor and streamline your efforts by buying the thinkbaby feeding set. You'll be so happy you did!

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