January 9, 2009


Since it's one of my personal 'green' resolutions to drastically cut back on the amount of paper we use, I'm on the look out for eco alternatives. Print*Pattern*Paper boasts creations from independent artist, Rebecca Peragine, who uses recycled materials to produce her handmade textiles which range from colorful, unique prints to market and library totes, and darling stationery. I love her Wild Bird greeting cards!

As a hip, darling alternative to the brown paper bag, pictured above is her Lunch Pack in the "Shop Talk" pattern. This pack comes with a fair wage/fair labor cotton reusable bag featuring one of Rebecca's original works of art appliqued on the front. Also included in the pack are one coordinating 100% cotton napkin, a reusable 7" bamboo plate, and a reusable bamboo fork, knife and spoon utensil set.

If you sign up for Rebecca's newsletter, you will get 20% off your purchase.

Any chance you'll be south of the border on January 16th? If so, stop by Rebecca's fundraising art show in Isla Mujeres. She will be donating half of all her proceeds to PEACE, an organzation which improves the community through Protection and Education regarding Animals, Culture and the Environment.

But don't worry, if you're not a worldwide traveler, you can still check out Print*Pattern*Paper on the worldwide web, here.

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Anonymous said...

I work from home so I don't need a lunchbox but I'd like to buy a tiffin box for my husband and then add a cloth napkin and possibly carrying bag so he would have a whole kit. There are so many option out there now there really isn't any reason to use ziplock unless you really want to.