January 7, 2009

Ohdeedoh's Repurposing Crib Bumpers!

Where will you find me online if I'm not writing Petite Planet or editing and writing for Inhabitots? At Ohdeedoh! I absolutely ADORE Ohdeedoh! They're currently running their most popular posts of 2008, and I am really digging their post: "How to: Repurpose Crib Bumpers."

We had the whole on or off? debate at our house... crib bumpers are dangerous and may cause suffocation vs. they provide a safe amount of padding and cushioning so our rambunctiously sleeping baby doesn't have to roll into hard wood at every toss and turn. Ultimately, we left our crib bumper on, and continue to use it... but there will be a day when it will certainly be obsolete! (Maybe I'll actually get to sleep at some point on that same day.)

Alas, Ohdeedoh has come to the rescue with multiple recommendations for how to repurpose crib bumpers. That is, if you don't intend to use the same crib bedding for your next wee one. Ideas include: herb filled heat packs, sewing on pockets and hanging on the wall as storage for small toys, and bed rail cushioning for elderly hospital patients (or any age hospital patient for that matter...)

Go read the post and find a wonderful way to repurpose your crib bumper, and get acquainted with the fabulous Ohdeedoh!

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