March 13, 2009

Fresh Wave Products are Spring Cleaning our Home

As a sufferer of frequent migraines, I am not a fan of fragrances, perfumes, colognes, or deodorizers that emit scents that may induce a whopping headache. As an eco-minded individual, I'm also aware of the damaging effect most sprays and deodorizers, which are filled with chemicals, have on the home environment, and the planet at large. That's why when I come across products that eliminate odors naturally, without invading my head or my space with toxins, I am delighted. Such is the case with Fresh Wave.

I have been using Fresh Wave in our home for about two weeks now, and the products are refreshing and effective. I placed the Fresh Wave Pearl Packs jar in the poorly ventilated entryway by our front door, and it has completely done away with the musty, trapped air smell by simply neutralizing odor, not replacing it with a sickly fragrance.

I put the Fresh Wave home spray (non-aerosol) to the ultimate test, and it passed with flying colors. I spritzed this in Olivia's room after a poopy diaper change. Again, the odor was alleviated and there was no toxic residue or invasive scent left behind. I also felt it was perfectly safe to be spraying in her room.

For those of us who aren't gourmet cooks and experience the occasional burnt food incident in the kitchen... or for those times when the smell of Indian or Thai food lingers way too long, the Fresh Wave kitchen candle is soy based and hard working. It cuts through odors while providing a nice, candlelit ambiance.
*This candle also works just as well in any room of the house that could benefit from odor control.

The highly effective ingredients in Fresh Wave products are derived from nature: lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove and cedar wood make up the amazing combination in these products that really do the trick at spring cleaning your home all year long.

If you're a migraine sufferer, have allergies, or want your home environment to be kept free of toxins emitted by home deodorizing products and fragrances, be sure to reach for Fresh Wave.

*They also have several other products for people with pets!

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