April 23, 2009

Raise the Bar: SkinnySkinny Organic Soap Set

I'm ending Raise the Bar week on Petite Planet with the suggestion of SkinnySkinny organic bar soaps, which come in an array of luscious scents such as organic lavender & eucalyptus with goat milk, and organic lemon and blood orange with oatmeal soap.

In addition to these soaps being fantastic in and of themselves, I love their packaging in a tree-less gift box, pictured below and described as follows:

This gift box is completely tree-less, sustainable and looks like a book. It is made from wild-grass and is made with Fair Labor practices. Each book-box is handmade and will make just about everything look great. The box comes in a very nice yellow-green color. We intentionally left these boxes free of any logos or branding, so it is easy to use this box as a gift box or as a hiding place for little trinkets.

The bars of soap are also wrapped in 100% recycled and reclaimed materials, I believe many are wrapped in actual pages from books. SkinnySkinny as a company is also 100% carbon neutral.

I hope I have convinced you, dear Petite Planet readers, to make the switch to raising the bar and ditching the bottled shower gels with my recommendations of fantastic bar soaps this week! Doing so is an easy resolution to make for Earth Week!

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