May 11, 2009

Ditching the "other" plastic bags with the help of Plum Creek Mercantile

I'll admit it. I currently have a box of little plastic baggies in my cupboard. But, in my ongoing search to find any way possible to cut back my family's waste, no matter how much of a *baby step,* I am going to do away with using plastic baggies to tote snacks, store halves of avocados, you name it...

While plastic bags used for toting groceries typically get all the limelight when it comes to doing away with one-time use bags that pile up in landfills and oceans, I think little plastic baggies are all lurking in the shadows of our cupboards high-fiving each other that they haven't been called to task and made obsolete with a reusable counterpart.

Enter Plum Creek Mercantile's reusable snack bags. Adults and kids alike may conveniently pack sandwiches and snacks in the Organic Cream bags, made of 100% organic cotton brushed twill. These bags will handily contain most food items, (with the exception of soups, liquids, and soft fruits such as raspberries.) They are machine washable, or may even be rinsed out while washing the evening dishes, and hung to dry for use the next day.

Kids have a variety of design options to choose from for their school lunches, including: sorbet swirl, jumping frogs, robot, mint stripes and denim. *Moms of toddlers, since you know the drill when it comes to always having a selection of snacks on hand (we're like walking buffet tables), these reusable bags are the perfect non-toxic, eco-friendly containers for cookies, crackers, carrot sticks, etc.

Let's all band together and banish the plastic baggies!

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