May 6, 2009

Dropps Newest Addition: Dropps Baby

Every mom knows that babies, toddlers, children, families = loads and loads of laundry. Why not take even a fraction of the time off your laundry duty and toss Dropps into your washing machine, instead of fiddling about with a measuring cup? I have written about Dropps before, and I truly love them. I was delighted to hear that Dropps has created a detergent specifically for babies: Dropps baby. As you'll recall, Dropps get their name from the fact that they are little pouches (that look like drops,) which are filled with concentrated laundry detergent.

The liquid detergent inside each dissolvable Dropps capsule is super concentrated, dye-free, enzyme-free, and formulated with baby's sensitive skin in mind... as well as with the sake of the environment in mind - they are biodegradable and free of chlorine, phosphates and NPE.

I washed Olivia's clothes with Dropps baby, and noticeably absent was any hint of fragrance. I have used several baby formulated detergents, and most leave a residue and a pleasant, albeit stong odor. I liked that Dropps left her clothes unscented and the fact that they are enzyme free is a huge plus. Enzymes break down the fibers in clothes, and for as much as you'll be washing out spit-up and the like from baby clothes, they need all the TLC and preservation they can get!

I would recommend using Dropps baby for newborns, and young babies, since their skin is so extremely delicate and you'll need to gauge their sensitivities. After Olivia turned a year old, we used regular, scent and dye free Dropps, (also family and eco-friendly) and they worked great for us and did not irritate her skin.

Take it from me, you'll have laundry galore with a baby in the house, so if you can toss and go with Dropps... do yourself a favor and get some!

Available at Target, and additional stores.

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