May 4, 2009

Elements Naturals Baby Wipes

Most eco-minded parents get so caught up in figuring out the best green diapering option for their baby, that they forget to go green in the baby wipe category as well. Now, the choice is simple. Brand new baby wipes, Elements Naturals, are the most eco-friendly (one time use) wipe option available. They are 100% chemical free, 100% chlorine free, and 100% fragrance free, 100% natural and renewable, and they get the dirty work accomplished without leaving the planet a mess.

Developed by a mom, Elements Naturals are made from Ingeo™ Fibers, the world's first man-made fiber from 100% natural renewable resources. Ingeo™ fibers are free of chemical additives and surface treatments, and production requires 68% fewer fossil fuel resources than traditional oil-based materials. These are by far the softest wipes we have ever used, and they are the largest in size. We love the fact that their larger size equates to less wipes being used during a diaper change. Additionally, Elements Naturals are 100% compostable, and their packaging is recyclable and is comprised of 60% less plastic than typical baby wipes tub packaging.

Mom and founder of Elements Naturals, Linda Naerheim
discusses her inspiration, “After getting over the shock of discovering what I was using on my baby’s tender skin, I had a burning passion to develop a gentler and more eco-friendly alternative to other wipes on the market. While there are other wipes that don’t contain alcohol or synthetic ingredients that can irritate a baby's skin, these products are not compostable. Americans use 36-billion wipes a year, that are 'cradle to grave’ - you use them once and they are then thrown away. I made it my mission to make one that is produced from annually renewable materials that can also be composted, breaking down into a soil nutrient.”

I'm a big fan of Linda Naerheim for pioneering eco-friendly baby wipes and paving the way to a brighter future for our children and our planet.

Elements Naturals are available at Whole Foods and

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