July 8, 2009

Fortune Cookie Shorties by Handmade Charlotte

It's been feeling hot hot hot the past few days... and finding cute, cool, comfy clothes for tots is key in warm weather. Handmade Charlotte makes the sweetest, daintiest, most summer appropriate Fortune Cookie Shorties for little girls. They're perfect paired with a onesie or tank top, or to wear under a dress. They seem a lot more comfortable than a pair of regular shorts, as they are more like bloomers.

Each pair of shorties has a message (fortune) sewn into the waistband, ie: challenge, honest, etc., and they come packaged in a Chinese takeout box. Rachel, the creator and mother of FIVE! makes these cute shorties out of vintage and scrap fabric, and each pair is a one-of-a-kind creation for your little darling.

Here's to fortunate summer apparel for our tots!

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