July 10, 2009

Green Toddler Cleaning Toys

You could go the route of buying a fancy schmancy cleaning set (or trolley, as the case may be here) for your tot, which comes, ahem, complete with a head scarf. OR, you could do something a lot more economically and eco-friendly...

Buy the cleaning tools you normally use, and let your toddler play with them while they're in a clean state... then replace your old tools with them once your tot is on to the next interest! Olivia loves her little broom and dustpan, which I'll be able to use in the future for 'real' cleaning... and she even multitasks and chats on the phone while cleaning her little house - wonder where she gets that from?

When your green cleaning supplies run out, thoroughly clean spray bottles and give them to tots to do pretend cleaning with... give them rags and washcloths from around the house... the possibilities are endless.

While I agree that those little sets of miniature cleaning supplies sure are cute, before you know it, you're left with an unused , cast aside set of toys. Why not keep it real? Kids want to play with whatever you're really cleaning with anyway, so toss them an unused sponge and some pretend cleaning spray and have them join the ranks!

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