July 24, 2009

YoBaby 3-in-1 Meals Make for an Easy, Healthy Mealtime

You all know by now of my trials and tribulations when it comes to feeding my darling, very discerning toddler. I have mentioned before that one of her favorite things to eat is Stonyfield's organic YoBaby yogurt, and now there's a yummy addition to the organic YoBaby line: YoBaby 3-in-1 meals! I nearly leapt with joy when I knew I'd be able to add this to my list of foods Olivia would eat.

This ingenious combination lets kids eat their fruit, veggies and yogurt all at once! Available in three "delicious!" (that's Olivia's word for them) varieties: Apple & Sweet Potato, Pear & Green Bean and Peach & Squash. The mixtures may sound a bit strange, but they really are tasty. Yes, I have tasted them too. And I concur: "Delicious."

I love that these small 3-in-1 meals are cool and refreshing during these hot summer months, and that they do triple duty on the nourishment front. Additionally, "each grab & go cup provides more than a 1/3rd of your toddler’s daily protein & calcium needs, plus other essential nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin D."

I think I may buy a BFF necklace and give one half of it to Stonyfield, since they are certainly a mother's best friend.


Rebecca L. said...

I too have a picky toddler, but he loves yobaby yogurt. When will these be avaliable. Also try the revolution & plum food lines. Liam loves everything they offer.

Petite Planet said...

These meals are available in stores now!